Thing 13

The session I viewed from the online education conference was Googlios: A 21st Century Approach to Learning by Alex Ambrose. The main point of this session was to encourage teachers to take a step further into technology based teaching, learning, and assessment.  The instructor would like to see this transition made by using Googlios.  I learned that a Googlio is like a portfolio of work, only instead of using paper, you keep all of your work online in one place.  Through his research, he has found that by using e-portfolios (databases, CDs, and DVDs) and webfolios (websites and HTMLs), students are given a more balanced assessment.  These approaches to learning offer appropriate institution and student centered  assessments, which is a huge challenge in the education system today.  It was worthwhile to hear this session because if students were to use Googlios, they need to start in elementary school and continue to add to and use them throughout their entire educational experience. As an elementary teacher, I need to know what a Googlio is because we may be using them in the near future.

It was very easy to use this online resource of the education conference because I could do it from home and on my time schedule.  Also, I could go back to comments I wanted to hear again or pause a diagram I wanted to jot down.  Being able to look at the different sessions and so easily choose the one I wanted was another benefit.

I don’t think I will actually use this in my classroom yet, but it sounds like it could be something we will all be trained in using before too long.  I think I would need some more specific and personal training to apply it in my classroom.

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